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Genesis Kitchen

Genesis Oil & Vinegar 4 pk

Genesis Oil & Vinegar 4 pk

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The Genesis Oil & Vinegar 4 pk is a unique and delicious offering that is perfect for anyone who loves to add flavor and depth to their meals. This set features two sets of perfectly paired flavors of oil and vinegar, designed to complement each other and enhance the flavor of your food.

The rich and flavorful balsamic vinegar, aged to perfection and is infused with just the right amount of sweetness. This balsamic vinegar is perfect for drizzling over salads, roasted vegetables, or grilled meats, adding a bold and delicious flavor to any dish.

The premium extra-virgin olive oil, is sourced from the finest olives and carefully crafted to preserve its natural flavors and aromas. This oil is perfect for dipping bread, dressing salads, or sautéing vegetables, adding a rich and flavorful taste to any dish.

*Flavors are random and will be perfectly paired upon ordering.*

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